Who, What, and Why Do I Write This

Duck or Get Hit has been transformed a bit. Know I can share my ideas and thoughts for bringing us out from under the oppressing rule of Wsahington and the wealthy controlling our supposedly elected politicians. It is by no means to subject of this blog to trash Democracy or Washington yet if and when the shoe fits? I will be sticking my neck out for you the reader to cut off or kiss once a week. The blog will address media headliners, break them and those involved down, ponder why something made the headlines, toss in my two cents (a to some of you that is more than my input is worth), and offer a suggestion or idea to fix what ever they screwed up. I have some great ideas about certain areas that are easy fixes and I will ask for your input.

Lets get bloody!

3 responses

8 08 2012
King kObOkO

Tell me bro, are u happy wit d forced unity of d USA? Do u honestly tink dat USA’ll remain 1 indivisible country by, say, 2070? & in d event of a breakup, how many new nations do u envision risin up?

Hope u wont b too scared 2 answa my questions sincerely. *winks*

9 08 2012

2070! Are you made? If the Axis of evil are left in power in America and other nations friendly towards America there won’t be a world to break up it will have become an unlivable planet already. If there is not drastic changes made by 2023 the 95 % of Americans who are not wealthy assholes or the Nations leaders will be enslaved to work, taxes, and death. I am a lowly writer, but my ideas and ideals can cure American life in just four years yet I am not looking to lead. I fight with words and if there were enough people who had the heart and strength to fight for freedom and their rights I would stand with them. Be realistic man. Big Business, money and the leaders being controlled by both will either destroy the planet envoronmentally or cause the next US Civil War leading to World War III. I don’t know what forced Unity you are speaking of. I am talking change on a massive plain across all countries that would start with the super-powers. The little countries need to stop throwing stones in the glass house and talking must come first, then a change of the guard (Political influences) next. If you can tell me that if your country said lead us in peace and guide us that you would move from the two bedroom apartment into a castle, drive a Mercedes instead of a junked Toyota, and keep a ugly fat wife when you could have a hot ass sexy and sexial model type woman you would keep the life equal to those working in a field or factory and be happy. The equations is simple: Fight for power and win it = a step up in society which requires nicer things = getting these things with money or by taxing others = somebody unhappy and the circle starts over and over. Power has to become a job and not a profitable job and then real leaders step forward with the peoples support. He who dies with the most loses and he who life with less and shares the dream will be remembered and fortune of nations will thrive. Right now America is losing and only war so the wealthy and leaders believe can it be strong again. America is not practicing what is preaches and has become the bully in a classrtoom of thinkers.

9 08 2012
J E Wilson (Ja Ja Rye)

If you like this or just want to hear what a European-American has to say about America’s Axis of Evil (Gov’t & Big Business) and how easy it is to make the world a better place for all starting with the lower classes and moving up then read some of my other comments. American citizens will never be free or see real equality until Democracy is fixed and our present leaders are banned from leadership of the USA.

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