Civil Disobedience Required: Let our freedom of speech be heard and our fists felt

11 07 2012

I am no terrorist or crazed activist just an Ameriecan tired of Washington’s and our leader’s lies and deceptions. An extremely small minority rules over the majority and have plans to do so for a longtime into the future. America is run by the wealthiest of wealthy and do not wish to see those whose necks they are standing on become an equal to them. America is a business that is failing its investors and should have gone belly-up long ago. I know how to fix America in less than four years and so do many others who are silenced from the media and office because change is not profittable for those at the top. I am going to pose my first question to the readers: America has been fighting and dying for Freedom and Democracy say the wealthy and politicians. If this is true where are the children and grandchildren of the wealthy and politicians? Why are there lower and middle class American dying for this American cause? The War on Terror is really an investment the future generations of the rich to stay rich and political families to stay in politics and comfortable. This blog is for the people to voice or critique my own views. I will address issues, agendas and topics openly for all to see and read and respond. It is my intention to kick in some doors, bury a politician and wealthy businessman (person), and bring the real meaning of progress out in the open. Progress really maens profit for the upper classes by the means of using the lower and middle classes which are viewed as whores performing a service for those on the top of the pile. Please forgive me. I do not hold back ideas, stories or my voice of vocabulary. If you can hear it on saturday morning cable it is all fair and my right to use it, so say it the Constitution.



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