A taxing thought

16 07 2012

The idea of a free America or nation is exactly what it says, an IDEA now. There is nothing free is the United States of America anymore and our government has even placed a price tag on dying. Yes! If you die after working your entire life to leave your spouse or siblings something, our government gets its share also. It’s our God given right to die at some point, yet not without the government getting a cut. Call it a death tax, I don’t give a shit! In the end the government is going to tax everybody but themselves and the wealthy business owners and businesses right into the ground. I would not be surprised if the US Government has a plan to tax our great, great grandchildren for property tax on the ground we get buried in. 

Here is another typical tax scenario: You buy a car (vehicle) in New York State and that vehicle depreciates soon as you sign the last page and drive it away. New York will tax you along with the federal government taxes, plus insurance that is manditory to ensure billion dollar insurance companies are making more money. Then once you are insured and can prove it they will force you to overpay for a license plate and registration. If you plan on driving or not taxes go to road construction that almost never gets done, taxes on gas you buy from multi-billion dollar oil companies, and of course tolls. Don’t forget that anything your car needs or you think it needs will be taxed and the person putting it on will charge you for the service putting it on plus a mark-up on the parts, and a mandatory federal tax and state tax in some states. You are paying taxes on all this just to get to work so you can make money to pay taxes and die still owing taxes. The extra dagger through our wallet is that our taxes pay for the politicians car tax, fuel tax, insurance tax, healthcare and healthcare tax, and somebody to drive them then add in the private plane, helicopter, security vehicles and other shit taxes, it never ends. It doesn’t take a 3rd grader to see how a car, taxes, and death line-up and who the wizards are behind the scam, the Federal Government ie Axia of Evel: politicians, big business owners, big businesses and not the voter or hardworking citizens. Hey Washington I have something in my pants, tax that! 



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