Educate This!

28 07 2012

I am just amazed at what’s making headlines today in Florida and Florida is not the only state these headlines are appearing. The thing that amazes me is that education was never broken before the politicians decided to fix it and now we are attempting to find teaching strategies that supposedly motivate students to learn. It is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat with no previous skills. It just won’t work and parents are getting madder by the moment because those State and Federal Boards of Education are filled with politicians with no clue.

I have an awesome resume and glowing references after 14-years teaching, coaching, and being involved at the higher levels of administration and all before I ever had a bachlors degree. Degrees mean little today though those politicians sitting comfortably on boards of education think a degree is all that matters. As an administrator I pulled two teachers out of the classroom who had Ph.D.’s in their subject but had no business teaching or being around students. Now it is my turn to step back into the classroom and actually teacher students in an environment that I make safe and educationally exciting, but with my degree in English and minor in social studies teacher certification testing hads become a barrier that is almost impossible to climb over.

The State of Florida gives an extremely brief stufy outline for the exam which included: 100 top American authors and poets, 50 top British authors and poets and more authors and poets from various International countries. Then they toss in knowledge of 267 literary terms with definitions. on two exams I took I only saw references to authors and poets maybe eight to ten times and several questions on Russian authors whose names and works are not limited to just a few. Then they through in trick questions by using a correct first Russian name and varied surnames.

Why go to college and have worries about how to pay off loans? A Bachlors and or Masters should cover the basis of what teachers need to know depending on their major(s). Students are not learning and schools are getting bad grades because nobody really has a clue on how to teach and which strategy works best. Those running America and those sitting comfortably on the Boards of Education are only running blind taste tests nor offering one set of guidelines on how to teach. What has been proposed in the last ten years never would have worked, but it’s title sounded great on voting day.

“No Child Left Behind” should have been called “All Children Left Behind.” There was never a chance it would or could work. I taught in these classrooms and a forty-five minute lesson became a ten minute at most lesson. Very simply put is you cannot roll a student into class that is lying in a hospital bed with a nurse, it is a huge distraction to those students who want to learn and no the students will not get use to that child being in class. I was the teacher and I never did.

American schools like America as a whole are in huge trouble. A Master in English or History means who can teach middle and high schoolers these subjects without be checked up on by excessive exams. I would love to see those writing the various exams take and pass the exams they are subjecting us as teachers too. 

As far as headlines go there needs to be camera in classrooms to protect students from students and teachers and teachers from students. There are no laws that say no cameras in a clssroom and I welcome cameras in my classroom. Come see how great a teacher I am. The other headlines in the media require serious background checks and vigilance by other teachers, administrators, parents, and students. A teacher who has urges towards dating or molesting their students needs to suffer enorous penalties by law. Sadlt teacher and preists both have a large body of individuals to choose from for sexaul encounters. Politicians are sexual deviates because they believe they have the power to get away with it, money to make it go away, or like corruption it is just a part of being a politicians and wealthy.

The only recourse for eduaction is to get rid of the school boards members that have studied to hold an office and not the control of a classroom. This country is in big trouble educationally because we are going to have a lot of smart people who are tested out of work because a few idiots with a lot of money like to do as little as they can and education is a flea on the cows ass when it comes to the issues.

I’ll say it again! America needs to step backwards in history 150 years when it comes to education and politics and step forward on issues effecting the lower and middle classes and race rage. I will stop writing and start fighting whenever those being abused want to raise their fist in the next American Revolution. We need it bad! “America is dying and crying so the wealthy can get wealthier by pullinng the strings of our political puppets.” J E Wilson

See you in the funny pages, or at GITMO ! J E Wilson  



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