Stupid is as stupid does

9 08 2012

In general our society is being run by a small group who believe they are larger than life and this just is not true. The American Politicians is basically a stupid person who really think they are GODS, when in reality they are just a simple stupid group of morons we unfortunately call Government. What is really stupid is that local leaders think they are also GOD’s and are worshipped by the public at large and the public will listen to whatever they say, taking their words it as if it was a quote from the bible or other religious outline.

I was sitting with friends who forced me too watch the most violent, lie based and stupid show on television, the nightly local and national news shows. I said “shows” because they are not filled with facts or telling viewers the real story. Jerry Springer was more honest and open than the ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, TBS or PBS and BBC news hours. These news organizations can’t be that stupid that they truly believe that the news they are given my our Government, local or national are the whole real facts.

A great example of how stupid the local government think we are came last night on Palm Beach County News. The big story was that Stoplight cameras have made drivers more safety conscious and traffic accidents were down fifty-five percent. IT’S SUMMERTIME STUPID! Sixty percent of the retired that get in accidents down here are getting in car accidents in the northeast US. I know and so do a lot of others that you are trying to justify the expansive cameras so real Police staff can be cut and the politicians can assign themselves another raise. Come on the public is not stupid yet do believe that local, state, and Federal government is stupid for thinking everybody below them is stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does! If I want to drive in my car with no pants and pleasuring myself in my car where no other drivers, people on the sidewalk or passengers flying in a plane overhead can see me — I should have that privacy and right to do what I like safely. I am not hurting anybody else.

Turn off the camera stupid you are invading my privacy! And to all you stupid people who call themselves leaders and believe you are GODS. The general public is not really as stupid as you want to give them credit for. I will visit you Boynton Beach, Florida again. See you in the funny pages.



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