Stupid is as stupid does

9 08 2012

In general our society is being run by a small group who believe they are larger than life and this just is not true. The American Politicians is basically a stupid person who really think they are GODS, when in reality they are just a simple stupid group of morons we unfortunately call Government. What is really stupid is that local leaders think they are also GOD’s and are worshipped by the public at large and the public will listen to whatever they say, taking their words it as if it was a quote from the bible or other religious outline.

I was sitting with friends who forced me too watch the most violent, lie based and stupid show on television, the nightly local and national news shows. I said “shows” because they are not filled with facts or telling viewers the real story. Jerry Springer was more honest and open than the ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, TBS or PBS and BBC news hours. These news organizations can’t be that stupid that they truly believe that the news they are given my our Government, local or national are the whole real facts.

A great example of how stupid the local government think we are came last night on Palm Beach County News. The big story was that Stoplight cameras have made drivers more safety conscious and traffic accidents were down fifty-five percent. IT’S SUMMERTIME STUPID! Sixty percent of the retired that get in accidents down here are getting in car accidents in the northeast US. I know and so do a lot of others that you are trying to justify the expansive cameras so real Police staff can be cut and the politicians can assign themselves another raise. Come on the public is not stupid yet do believe that local, state, and Federal government is stupid for thinking everybody below them is stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does! If I want to drive in my car with no pants and pleasuring myself in my car where no other drivers, people on the sidewalk or passengers flying in a plane overhead can see me — I should have that privacy and right to do what I like safely. I am not hurting anybody else.

Turn off the camera stupid you are invading my privacy! And to all you stupid people who call themselves leaders and believe you are GODS. The general public is not really as stupid as you want to give them credit for. I will visit you Boynton Beach, Florida again. See you in the funny pages.

Educate This!

28 07 2012

I am just amazed at what’s making headlines today in Florida and Florida is not the only state these headlines are appearing. The thing that amazes me is that education was never broken before the politicians decided to fix it and now we are attempting to find teaching strategies that supposedly motivate students to learn. It is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat with no previous skills. It just won’t work and parents are getting madder by the moment because those State and Federal Boards of Education are filled with politicians with no clue.

I have an awesome resume and glowing references after 14-years teaching, coaching, and being involved at the higher levels of administration and all before I ever had a bachlors degree. Degrees mean little today though those politicians sitting comfortably on boards of education think a degree is all that matters. As an administrator I pulled two teachers out of the classroom who had Ph.D.’s in their subject but had no business teaching or being around students. Now it is my turn to step back into the classroom and actually teacher students in an environment that I make safe and educationally exciting, but with my degree in English and minor in social studies teacher certification testing hads become a barrier that is almost impossible to climb over.

The State of Florida gives an extremely brief stufy outline for the exam which included: 100 top American authors and poets, 50 top British authors and poets and more authors and poets from various International countries. Then they toss in knowledge of 267 literary terms with definitions. on two exams I took I only saw references to authors and poets maybe eight to ten times and several questions on Russian authors whose names and works are not limited to just a few. Then they through in trick questions by using a correct first Russian name and varied surnames.

Why go to college and have worries about how to pay off loans? A Bachlors and or Masters should cover the basis of what teachers need to know depending on their major(s). Students are not learning and schools are getting bad grades because nobody really has a clue on how to teach and which strategy works best. Those running America and those sitting comfortably on the Boards of Education are only running blind taste tests nor offering one set of guidelines on how to teach. What has been proposed in the last ten years never would have worked, but it’s title sounded great on voting day.

“No Child Left Behind” should have been called “All Children Left Behind.” There was never a chance it would or could work. I taught in these classrooms and a forty-five minute lesson became a ten minute at most lesson. Very simply put is you cannot roll a student into class that is lying in a hospital bed with a nurse, it is a huge distraction to those students who want to learn and no the students will not get use to that child being in class. I was the teacher and I never did.

American schools like America as a whole are in huge trouble. A Master in English or History means who can teach middle and high schoolers these subjects without be checked up on by excessive exams. I would love to see those writing the various exams take and pass the exams they are subjecting us as teachers too. 

As far as headlines go there needs to be camera in classrooms to protect students from students and teachers and teachers from students. There are no laws that say no cameras in a clssroom and I welcome cameras in my classroom. Come see how great a teacher I am. The other headlines in the media require serious background checks and vigilance by other teachers, administrators, parents, and students. A teacher who has urges towards dating or molesting their students needs to suffer enorous penalties by law. Sadlt teacher and preists both have a large body of individuals to choose from for sexaul encounters. Politicians are sexual deviates because they believe they have the power to get away with it, money to make it go away, or like corruption it is just a part of being a politicians and wealthy.

The only recourse for eduaction is to get rid of the school boards members that have studied to hold an office and not the control of a classroom. This country is in big trouble educationally because we are going to have a lot of smart people who are tested out of work because a few idiots with a lot of money like to do as little as they can and education is a flea on the cows ass when it comes to the issues.

I’ll say it again! America needs to step backwards in history 150 years when it comes to education and politics and step forward on issues effecting the lower and middle classes and race rage. I will stop writing and start fighting whenever those being abused want to raise their fist in the next American Revolution. We need it bad! “America is dying and crying so the wealthy can get wealthier by pullinng the strings of our political puppets.” J E Wilson

See you in the funny pages, or at GITMO ! J E Wilson  


20 07 2012

Obama screwed up, but the republicans could not do any better. I say give us the healthcare packages that our elected officials and their friends get which includes coverage for their spouse or spouses and immediate children for life. Their plan is a perfect fit for all Americans since our taxes pay for what has been referred to as the best healthcare on the planet. We won’t have to buy healthcare since our taxes will already pay for it. Americans might have to pay a bit more in taxes, but it is really so simple only an idiot couldn’t overlooked it. Whoops! I forgot that in America idiot, corruption, wealthy rule, and politicians all go together like H2O, water, and life. Okay we will have to pay a lot more to keep free healthcare for those running Democracy into the ground, but it’s fine because we live in a free country.

Somebody get me a dictionary (that thing with pages that has the meanings of words in it) because free is not realy free in America. I just got four fifty cent coupons for free online, but the postage and handling cost me three dollars and seventy-five cents. Is this what free is in America. I made sixty thousand dollars last year and put it in the bank so it would be safe and not get stolen. Eight months later I tried to take it all out of a free checking account and I only had fifty-two thousand dollars left. I guess there is nothing free about free checking either.

America is not the home or land of the free anymore. It maybe the home of the brave, because you have to be brave to let our leaders hold office and to deal with the corruption which the government calls part of a Democratic process. One right is to move about the country freely, but without an identification card which you must pay for, moving is not free. Even dying in America comes at a cost to the dead and taxes for those you leave behind. There is nothing free in America anymore. If you want something free today then move to Irag. If you can duck the bombs and bullets all our taxes are heading abroad, trillions to be exact. If you want to stay in America say your in the country illegally and you will get free hosing, medicines and healthcare along with food for free. When the government questions you about where your from talk in a made up language, look sickly and hungry, and of course wipe dog poop on your arms so that they will sign the paperwork quicker so they do not smell you anymore. In America poop goes a long way, especially in Washington D.C.

One last idea to solve higher taxes: Lower taxes across the board by 1.5 percent then charge the free Americans a 2.5% tax on the taxes they still have to pay. Please do not leave this idea out there to long as Gov. Rick Scott (if that is his real name) will push it on Florida and ride the idea to Washington with a cup of tea in one hand and Sarah Palin on his arm.

See y’all in the funny pages. 

Liar, Liar America on fire

19 07 2012

Liar, Liar America on fire.

A taxing thought

16 07 2012

The idea of a free America or nation is exactly what it says, an IDEA now. There is nothing free is the United States of America anymore and our government has even placed a price tag on dying. Yes! If you die after working your entire life to leave your spouse or siblings something, our government gets its share also. It’s our God given right to die at some point, yet not without the government getting a cut. Call it a death tax, I don’t give a shit! In the end the government is going to tax everybody but themselves and the wealthy business owners and businesses right into the ground. I would not be surprised if the US Government has a plan to tax our great, great grandchildren for property tax on the ground we get buried in. 

Here is another typical tax scenario: You buy a car (vehicle) in New York State and that vehicle depreciates soon as you sign the last page and drive it away. New York will tax you along with the federal government taxes, plus insurance that is manditory to ensure billion dollar insurance companies are making more money. Then once you are insured and can prove it they will force you to overpay for a license plate and registration. If you plan on driving or not taxes go to road construction that almost never gets done, taxes on gas you buy from multi-billion dollar oil companies, and of course tolls. Don’t forget that anything your car needs or you think it needs will be taxed and the person putting it on will charge you for the service putting it on plus a mark-up on the parts, and a mandatory federal tax and state tax in some states. You are paying taxes on all this just to get to work so you can make money to pay taxes and die still owing taxes. The extra dagger through our wallet is that our taxes pay for the politicians car tax, fuel tax, insurance tax, healthcare and healthcare tax, and somebody to drive them then add in the private plane, helicopter, security vehicles and other shit taxes, it never ends. It doesn’t take a 3rd grader to see how a car, taxes, and death line-up and who the wizards are behind the scam, the Federal Government ie Axia of Evel: politicians, big business owners, big businesses and not the voter or hardworking citizens. Hey Washington I have something in my pants, tax that! 

Civil Disobedience Required: Let our freedom of speech be heard and our fists felt

11 07 2012

I am no terrorist or crazed activist just an Ameriecan tired of Washington’s and our leader’s lies and deceptions. An extremely small minority rules over the majority and have plans to do so for a longtime into the future. America is run by the wealthiest of wealthy and do not wish to see those whose necks they are standing on become an equal to them. America is a business that is failing its investors and should have gone belly-up long ago. I know how to fix America in less than four years and so do many others who are silenced from the media and office because change is not profittable for those at the top. I am going to pose my first question to the readers: America has been fighting and dying for Freedom and Democracy say the wealthy and politicians. If this is true where are the children and grandchildren of the wealthy and politicians? Why are there lower and middle class American dying for this American cause? The War on Terror is really an investment the future generations of the rich to stay rich and political families to stay in politics and comfortable. This blog is for the people to voice or critique my own views. I will address issues, agendas and topics openly for all to see and read and respond. It is my intention to kick in some doors, bury a politician and wealthy businessman (person), and bring the real meaning of progress out in the open. Progress really maens profit for the upper classes by the means of using the lower and middle classes which are viewed as whores performing a service for those on the top of the pile. Please forgive me. I do not hold back ideas, stories or my voice of vocabulary. If you can hear it on saturday morning cable it is all fair and my right to use it, so say it the Constitution.