20 07 2012

Obama screwed up, but the republicans could not do any better. I say give us the healthcare packages that our elected officials and their friends get which includes coverage for their spouse or spouses and immediate children for life. Their plan is a perfect fit for all Americans since our taxes pay for what has been referred to as the best healthcare on the planet. We won’t have to buy healthcare since our taxes will already pay for it. Americans might have to pay a bit more in taxes, but it is really so simple only an idiot couldn’t overlooked it. Whoops! I forgot that in America idiot, corruption, wealthy rule, and politicians all go together like H2O, water, and life. Okay we will have to pay a lot more to keep free healthcare for those running Democracy into the ground, but it’s fine because we live in a free country.

Somebody get me a dictionary (that thing with pages that has the meanings of words in it) because free is not realy free in America. I just got four fifty cent coupons for free online, but the postage and handling cost me three dollars and seventy-five cents. Is this what free is in America. I made sixty thousand dollars last year and put it in the bank so it would be safe and not get stolen. Eight months later I tried to take it all out of a free checking account and I only had fifty-two thousand dollars left. I guess there is nothing free about free checking either.

America is not the home or land of the free anymore. It maybe the home of the brave, because you have to be brave to let our leaders hold office and to deal with the corruption which the government calls part of a Democratic process. One right is to move about the country freely, but without an identification card which you must pay for, moving is not free. Even dying in America comes at a cost to the dead and taxes for those you leave behind. There is nothing free in America anymore. If you want something free today then move to Irag. If you can duck the bombs and bullets all our taxes are heading abroad, trillions to be exact. If you want to stay in America say your in the country illegally and you will get free hosing, medicines and healthcare along with food for free. When the government questions you about where your from talk in a made up language, look sickly and hungry, and of course wipe dog poop on your arms so that they will sign the paperwork quicker so they do not smell you anymore. In America poop goes a long way, especially in Washington D.C.

One last idea to solve higher taxes: Lower taxes across the board by 1.5 percent then charge the free Americans a 2.5% tax on the taxes they still have to pay. Please do not leave this idea out there to long as Gov. Rick Scott (if that is his real name) will push it on Florida and ride the idea to Washington with a cup of tea in one hand and Sarah Palin on his arm.

See y’all in the funny pages.